Amazon FBA head delivery method and precautions,shipping to Amazon

There are three main modes of FBA first-haul transportation: air transportation, sea transportation and international express transportation.

1. Air freight refers to a freight forwarding company that directly delivers goods to the destination country by air according to the existing method, and then the freight forwarding company's cooperative distribution organization in the destination country distributes the goods on behalf of a freight logistics method.

2. Compared with sea freight and air freight, international express freight has the shortest delivery time, and some of them can reach Europe in only one week.
For example, if UPS red order or DHL is issued, the timeliness is very fast, but the price also varies according to different freight logistics providers.

3. Sea freight is more cost-effective than air freight, so many Amazon merchants are accustomed to sea freight. However, the shipping time is affected by natural temperature and other aspects, resulting in a very long delivery time. For example, it usually takes about 45 days to ship to the United States by sea, and it takes longer to reach Europe.

Matters needing attention in Amazon FBA head process:
First of all, the seller should not only consider the timeliness when choosing the FBA head service transportation method, but also reduce the cost by combining its own capital turnover. Secondly, in addition to the choice of delivery method, the seller should also consider the weight of the goods when choosing the goods. If the volume of the goods is large, the seller should consider combining delivery with heavy goods to avoid additional freight costs due to the large volume.
Third, it is recommended to use multiple transportation methods at the same time to ensure that our products can maintain inventory, continue to bring us revenue and profits, and reduce transportation costs.
Fourth, the seller must understand the policies and barriers of the country where the selected FBA warehouse is located before sending the FBA headway, so as to be fully prepared for the FBA first-line transportation.
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