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Common Shipping Terminology

There are some common shipping terminologies you need to understand when importing and shipping from China. We Share the info and will keep updating. 

(1) ORC (Origin Receiving Charges)

(2) THC (Terminal Handling Charges)

(3) BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor)

(4) CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor)

(5) YAS (Yard Surcharges)

(6) EPS (Equipment Position Surcharges)

(7) DDC (Destination Delivery Charges)

(8) PSS (Peak Season Surcharges)

(9) PCS (Port Congestion Surcharge)

(10) DOC (Document charges)

(11) O/F (Ocean Freight)

(12) B/L (Bill of Lading)

(13) MB/L(Master Bill of Lading)

(14) MTD (Multimodal Transport Document)

(15) L/C (Letter of Credit)

(16) C/O (Certificate of Origin)

(17) S/C (Sales Confirmation)

(18) S/O (Shipping Order)

(19) W/T (Weight Ton)

(20) M/T (Measurement Ton)

(21) W/M(Weight or Measurement ton)

(22) CY (Container Yard)  

(23) FCL (Full Container Load)  

(24) LCL (Less than Container Load)  

(25) CFS (Container Freight Station)

 (26) TEU (Twenty-feet Equivalent Units)  

(27) A/W (All Water)

(28) MLB(Mini Land Bridge)

(29) NVOCC(Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier)  

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