Covid-19/Coronavirus impact on China container shipping industry

Covid-19 Coronavirus impact on China container shipping industry

The virus disrupted China’s Shipping, and World ports feel the Impact.

The outbreak has led to a decline in the number of shipping calling on Chinese ports, as factories remained closed or operating at low capacity. To date, the short-term hit includes port volumes in China falling between 20% and 40% in the three weeks since January 20, and the cancellation of more than 100 sailings from China in February.

Plenty of productions and shipments were delayed due to the prevention and control work. The impact of coronavirus outbreak on the shipping sector is determined by when the Asian giant’s economic activity starts to bounce back. 

In March, as we gradually brought the epidemic under control, a lot of mills and manufacturers resumed working, restored to full capacity to make up for the time lost. Without doubt a lot of deliveries and shipments will take place at the same time. With the outbreak continuing to spread, the whole world would need more support from China, as well as made in & shipments from China. Learning from China's experience of disease prevention and control, importing and shipping medical equipments and supplies, such as respirators, face masks, forehead thermometers, protective clothing, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer etc from China. Therefore, there’s a great possibility that space supply can’t meet the demand and shipping rates will rise, such peak season is estimated to last from late March to May. 

If you have confirmed orders, plan early and book as early as possible. During the next coming few months, we should be more concerned about space availability than about price. 
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