Sea Freight Service From China | USA – New York / New Jersey Port Terminal Congestion

USA – New York / New Jersey Port Terminal Congestion

We would like to provide you with an update on the New York/New Jersey port terminal congestion and its delays in container handling currently experienced by all carriers.

To better serve you, We have been monitoring closely how the situation is developing and requesting updates on the corrective actions that terminals are implementing to alleviate its congestions and delays caused by a shortage in available labor, inclement weather and an unexpected volume surge.


Below are some of the more important actions that APMT is taking:

Diverting vessels to other facilities within the Port of NY/NJ. Diversions are being considered through to the end of February 2019.

Significant import rail volumes are being barged on a weekly basis from APM New York to Norfolk and loaded on the rail for on-carriage inland.

No demurrage is being charged on import rail-boxes which are delayed.

The ACL Service has left the terminal and is now calling at PNCT. It will not return to APM.

Additional resources placed at MMR rail ramp/APMT Rail department to improve communication.

Continued weekend gates.

Additional labor has been hired and is currently being trained.

Additional container handling equipment has been added.

6 of 8 RTG transferred from Pier 400 are now in service.

8 rental container handlers have arrived.

16 new purchase top handlers to arrive throughout Q1 and early Q2, first 2 due mid-February 2019.


With these activities APMT is expecting the following results:

Facility restored to normal condition sometime in March 2019.

Diverted vessel services will be returned to APMT in a phased manner.


We will continue monitoring the terminal situation and sharing with you any relevant information about the status of the NY/NJ port terminal congestion and corrective actions.

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