What to pay attention to in international sea freight best service

Under the economic globalization, the Internet economy has now developed rapidly, which has led to continuous improvement in various industries and stricter requirements for the transportation of various goods. Except for some fresh foods, they can be transported by air because these goods have short shelf life and other large items. For example, for the goods such as minerals, it is necessary to transport by sea. So what matters need to be paid attention to when taking international sea freight?

sea freight
1. The goods to be transported must meet the relevant customs transportation safety requirements.

2. The carrier shall provide a special waybill for free when receiving the shipment from the shipper.

3. The joint liability caused by the damage or delay of the shipment, as well as all the consequences such as deduction, destruction and return of the shipment at the destination because the recipient cannot clear the customs, should be avoided as far as possible during transportation.

4. The carrier is not responsible for any situation that occurs when the goods of the shipper are not within the service scope of the carrier or after the customer has signed for them. If the consignor's goods are in the carrier's service area, such as delays, delays due to the carrier's staff not picking up in time or operating errors without confirming with the consignor's instructions, the carrier did not promptly send the The cargo side reports the abnormal information of the shipment, such as cargo damage, poor cargo, dampness, loss, etc. If the cargo is insured, the insurance company will pay compensation.
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